Tank Abandonment/Foam

Tank abandonment using Tripolymer foam is available in Nassau and
Suffolk County. Tripolymer foam is environmentally safe with no property damage.


Foam Abandonment with no damage
 to flower bed.

 Foam abandonment with no damage to walkway  Foam abandonment on tank under driveway.


Tank Abandonment/Sand

Tank abandonment using sand.
Slurry mix is also available.
Slurry is a watery mix of concrete and hardens like concrete

Tank abandonments and removals in Nassau County must be registered with the Health Department.

Forms available below.

Nassau County Health Department Affirmation Form 1
Nassau County Health Department Form 2


Click the links above to download Nassau County Health Department forms

Inground oil tank  abandonded with sand

  • Step 1: Dig down and expose top of oil tank.
  • Step 2: Cut tank open, remove fill and vent pipe. Pump out tank of fuel.
  • Step 3: Remove sludge from inside of tank and clean tank.
  • Step 4: Fill tank with clean sand to complete abandonment.